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“Thank you and congratulations to all for a job very well done! It has been a real comfort knowing that my mother has been cared for so well. I appreciate the weekly update emails and the FaceTime video chats.” – Cindy C.


“This is an amazing preventative and mitigation system Fairview has established. I am proud of the care and diligence you all have taken. You have my blessings and well wishes for the days and weeks ahead. Thank you.” – Fawn B.


“Thank you for your weekly updates. Truly appreciate your dedication and care you are giving our families. I also appreciate the opportunity of skyping with our loved ones. Keep up the good work!” – Lauraine H.


“A few words about the great team at Laurel Place. They originally worked together to provide an environment to help my Mom assimilate into her new home. Now over six months in the facility she is completely comfortable….from Bingo to the fine dining. Communication is timely and informative which allows me to feel extremely comfortable that my Mom is being well taken care of….I sleep well at night.” – Roland L.


“Our mom loves Laurel Place and so do we! When we were looking for a place for mom she chose Laurel Place herself. We enjoy the smaller, quiet comfort of the facility and the apartments are all modern and beautiful. The care that mom receives from the nursing staff, the facility Director, the activities Director, the kitchen staff, and all other support staff has been nothing short of amazing! Any concerns and/or questions are addressed in a timely manner and the activities scheduled are all meaningful and fun. Mom even painted a beautiful piece of artwork for her own room! Laurel Place is progressive and adaptive in their ways, we consider the people that work there to be part of our family. Mom is now living her best life and we, her daughters, couldn’t be happier for her.” – Sherri L.


“I had such a fantastic experience at Fairview! Being a retired RN, I appreciated and loved the private room plus bath. The food was delightful. The nursing and rehab staff was knowledgeable, attentive and fun! Thank you for a remarkable experience.” – Judy P.


“In a world where there is so much negativity, and people are so quick to find fault, I wanted to let you all know how much I have benefited by my 10 day stay here, following total knee replacement surgery; ending tomorrow morning. Everyone I have come in contact with here has been helpful, kind, skilled and all about their patients. The beautiful, hotel/ like private room, and bath, and gorgeous facility certainly helps, but the human element in Fairview rehab truly is the best. I hope I have a chance to recommend Fairview in the future. Thank you for everything.” – Kathryn B.


“My stay was truly wonderful! The nursing and rehab staff was so great and understanding to help me keep the pain level under control. As a former nurse, I have stayed in other Rehab facilities where having to share a room with another patient was never easy. However at Fairview Rehabilitation, the private room and bath was so delightful for privacy, rest and recuperation! Having physical and occupational therapy everyday was a plus and motivator to get home. The food was very good. Thank you so much!” – Phyllis H.


“My time spent in rehabilitation at Fairview was a wonderful experience in all aspects. The quality of care, the attitude and efficiency of the staff, and the overall atmosphere was outstanding, all contributing to my quick recovery and release.” – Shirley H.


“My experience at Fairview Rehabilitation was excellent! The staff was wonderful and attentive! A highlight of my stay, was coming in over a holiday weekend and no waiting to start therapy! Having a private room with bath was wonderful and the food was good! Thank you.” – Elizabeth D.


“I would like to extend accolades to all the personnel here at Fairview Healthcare who are keeping us, residents and patients, safe from the ravages of the Covid-19 virus. This virus started out with four cases in March and today over 100,000 are dead, yet here we are at Fairview Healthcare going along with our lives, but for a few “inconveniences”:

  • We get room service three times daily instead of eating in the dining room.
  • Family visits are now us talking through a closed window or door or via FaceTime or Zoom calls instead of in person risking each other’s health
  • Games have been transferred out of our library to our beautiful hallway where everyone can be a safe six feet apart. (but as they say better 6’ apart than 6’ under)

All of this is accomplished under the watchful eyes of the top echelon and masked faces of all personnel to keep us safe and sound with as little inconvenience as possible. I know I thank my lucky stars each night that I am here at Laurel Place during this frightful pandemic. I could never take care of myself this well at home. Thank you all!” – Esther C.

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Friendly Care in Hudson, New Hampshire

You can find us at 203 Lowell Road in Hudson, New Hampshire.

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Our facility is easily accessible from Hampshire Drive and Lowell Road.

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Phone: 603-882-5261
[email protected]

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