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Checklist for Moving Parents into Senior Living

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An adult daughter helps her father pack boxes to prepare for his move into a senior living community.

Moving your parents to a senior living community can positively impact their lives. It’s a way to surround them with a team of trained caregivers for support and a beneficial environment. 

But moving at any age is rarely a simple thing, and it’s important to plan properly. That’s why our team at Fairview Senior Living has a checklist for moving your parents to senior living.

Make sure that you:

  1. Properly prepare for the move
  2. Pack efficiently
  3. Think about the logistics

Following these strategies will help ease your parents’ transition to a senior living community. Read more about how to complete them correctly ahead to ensure a seamless process.

1. Preparing for the Move

Moving is often a long process. All belongings need to be organized, carefully packed, transported, unloaded, put away, arranged, and more. If downsizing an entire home into a smaller space, prepare for an even more complicated process.

That’s why it helps to practice the following strategies.

Begin Packing Early

No matter how prepared you are, packing will likely take longer than you think. Instead of waiting until a week or so before the move, start early. Try to begin with nonessential items that aren’t used daily, and work from there.

This can help ease the pressure as moving day approaches. By whittling the job down over time, you’re much more likely to be fully prepared, packed, and ready to go come the big day.

Assess the Future Space

If possible, schedule a visit with the senior living community ahead of time. Try to:

  • Take notes and measurements of the new space
  • Ask for a floor plan, either physical or digital, to take home with you
  • Take note of any storage options, like closets, extra spaces, or additional storage units

This will give you an idea of what can fit and what should be left behind.

Downsize Properly

Once you know what you can—and can’t—bring, it’s time to plan to downsize. This isn’t just a move, it’s an opportunity to declutter and get rid of anything that’s no longer needed.

When helping your parents during this process, be respectful, but firm. Make sure to be efficient, and get rid of, or donate, anything excessive. This way, you aren’t moving anything unnecessary on the big day!

2. Packing Efficiently

Packing efficiently is a critical process, but it can be extremely emotional for your parents. Beginning by considering the following tips can help.

Take Your Time & Be Patient

Remember that your parents aren’t just putting their belongings in boxes. Treasured items need to be sorted, memories should be carefully packed, and belongings should be put in the appropriate place.

It’s only natural for your parents to become emotional when sorting through belongings. Give them the space and time to reminisce. It can be difficult to justify discarding something that’s been held onto lovingly for years. If so, considering alternative storage options can help.

Try not to be judgmental—just because something doesn’t make sense to you doesn’t make it irritational. Let your parents bring what they need, even if you don’t think it’s necessary. Let them part with things, or keep them, at their own pace, and be supportive.

Go Room-By-Room

Take your time, and go room by room. This is both efficient and practical. It lets you fully clear a space and ensure that no item, no matter how big or small is overlooked when packing.

Try to start in the rooms used less often, like the garage or storage. This can get the ball rolling and help your parents get into the flow of packing.

Take the 4-Pile Approach

When packing, sort everything into four piles before it reaches a box:

  • The “Keep” pile, for things that absolutely must come along
  • The “Maybe” pile, for things your parents are unsure of
  • The “Donate” pile, for items that can be repurposed, donated, or gifted
  • The “Discard” pile, for items no longer useful or usable.

Encourage your parents to participate in this process, and respect their decisions.

3. Thinking About Logistics

An older adult man and woman packing boxes together in preparation for their move into a senior living community.

The logistics of moving can become overwhelming. Thankfully, staying organized is made easier by following a structured plan.

Create a Timeline

Build a timeline leading up to the move that includes milestones for:

  • Packing
  • Notifying friends
  • Transferring or canceling services
  • Being fully moved-in

Pick a Convenient Date

Choose a moving date that considers both the availability and comfort levels of all involved, including:

  • Your parents
  • The senior living community
  • The moving company (if using one)

Planning Bills & Utilities

In the hustle and bustle of wrapping up plans for a move, it’s natural to let some things slip through the cracks. However, there are two more essential factors to remember: bills and utilities.

  1. Try to go through your parents’ bills, or encourage them to do the same. Cancel any services that won’t be needed in their new living environment, and transfer over any that will.
  2. For services that will be continued, update your parents’ contact information, account details, and address.
  3. Check any relevant legal documents to reflect the new living situation, like wills, lawyer’s paperwork, or insurance information. Ensure that all power of attorney, wills, and any other legal documents reflect the new living situation and are up to date.

This way, your parents can enjoy a seamless transition to their new home without worrying about services being canceled or utilities being affected.

Finding Your Parents’ Future Home

At Fairview Senior Living, we know how difficult moving can be. That’s why we encourage our future residents and their families to plan appropriately. This way, our team can be ready to welcome your parents to their new home. 

Our team believes in providing a place for our residents that truly feels like home. Contact us today to tour our community and see for yourself, and take the first step towards finding your parents’ future home.

Written by Fairview Senior Living

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